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Par Anonyme, le 12.02.2014

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Par Anonyme, le 17.11.2013

wow wow tres belle poesie
Par MED , le 04.10.2013

peut pn publier un être que nous aimons? je crois que sera très difficile, car l'amour est une chose très prof
Par Razack, le 14.08.2013

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poeme en anglais

I'm Dying...

Publié le 09/12/2010 à 21:44 par poeteromantique
I'm Dying...
I'm so afraid of the future
Of the unknown
I'm so lost
And it seems like no one can save me

I feel lonely
Like i have no one
I'm so lonely
That i becomes the ghost of myself

I'm crying all the time
Because of this weakness in my eyes
And i can't hold back anymore
I feel i'm nobody
Something creepy is deep inside
That makes me more and more hopeless
I don't wanna know
I just wanna jump
And forget all this
Forget everything that hinder my dreams
If there's just someone beside me
Someone that makes me believe
That there's hope somewhere
Someone that will dry my tears
Someone that will hold me in his arms
There when i won't feel afraid anymore
But ,where's him?

*Romantic Lady*


Publié le 07/08/2010 à 22:44 par poeteromantique

Every second of yesterday

I was crying silent

In the morning today

I’m so tired

I didn’t want to have a Brocken heart

But you pushed me around

Someone just tell me why

I couldn’t run away, so far?

It’s was so hard for me

If u deny

Depressed, you make me

Don’t ask why

You let me believe

What I saw

What I felt

And now you want to go

Go, I don’t need you

Because I don’t believe you anymore

I can’t and won’t trust you

Just go

Disappear of my life

I find out what u hided

It was a choc

That I didn’t expect

I’ll be strong

Maybe I’ll forget

But don’t ask me to forgive

Sorry, that I can’t and I won’t



*Romantic  Lady*

Over For Ever...

Publié le 10/12/2009 à 22:10 par poeteromantique
Over For Ever...
The hurt was so bad
I can't forgive
I can't to talk to you now
It's hard to forget
I was thinking you're my freind
But you let me down
When i was in need
Just go far
Don't need you in my life
The days will go on
And i'll forget
You,and the pain that you did on
Just wanna to believe
I offer all my love to you
I give you my trust
I was thinking you deserve to
But you betrayed me,you went out
So don't ask me to forget
Cause i won't
I won't let again my trust in your hand
It's over now

*Romantic lady*


Publié le 03/07/2009 à 19:11 par poeteromantique
When I close my eyes
I see you
And I don’t know why
Why I can’t forget you
When the sun shines
First thing I think of you
Maybe you don’t know
But I’m so in love with you
Tell me what to do
I’m very afraid to lose you
Tell me what to do
I don’t wanna be away from you
I know that’s can be just a dream
I know that I can’t realize it
So why
Why I live
If I can’t be with you?

*Romantic Lady*

Because of you...

Publié le 24/11/2008 à 12:00 par poeteromantique
Because of you...
There is somewhere in the darkness
When about me you can think
I can't see you among this mess
But i'm sure you did
You can't lie,say that all you forget
That's i'm no one in you modest life
However,you get wrong yourself
Some people search the world to this some feeling find
I don't blame you,I can't
I just love you that what i khow to do
And like i believe,i know what's mean day and night
I still believe in you
There is no sun when i open my eyes
I don't khow anything,but i know i miss you
I'm blind to see this half-light
You gave me your eyes to see when i forgot my way
When you went,i'm lost without you
Now,i'm feel so alone and only one
So cold that i was never
The Exhibits of my wounded heart
they'd lost following your steps forever...

*Dark lady*

In love with you...

Publié le 20/10/2008 à 12:00 par poeteromantique
In love with you...
I was in love with you
I'm in love with you
All i want
Just make it in the past
But,i can't
You live inside me
I can't suffer every night
Because one day i hurt you
And i made you cry
If the things was different
I'll be the woman whose dry your eyes
I'll be the only person who murmure gently your name
I'll be just me to clean up your pains
But,it would be just a dream
Now,everything it's over,however,i can't believe
Tell me how i can to be yours?
What can i do to forgive me?
I know,maybe you won't read this words
You can't feel how much i'm confused
But,if you hear me
I want you just to know
I love you...can't forget you..

*Dark lady*

Sorry...i'm not perfect...

Publié le 14/07/2008 à 12:00 par poeteromantique
Sorry...i'm not perfect...
Why i'm here?
Why i live this terrible life?
I just want to go away
And forget this dark night
I know;i want something different
I want a good things
And now,i'm gonna bad
Who's can try it?
Maybe,i'm so romantic
But,i want just a real life
I can't not be dreamer
Because it's a dream that make me alive
Perhaps,you think i'm despair
But i'm not perfect
I can't be perfect,forgive me..please
I don't have a way of happiness
You know that's very well
My heart is broken
All colors seem to gone away
And i'm alone with so much night mare

...So please don't bleme me...
....but try to cure inside in me...

*RoMaNtIc GiRl*

...tears of my heart...

Publié le 07/07/2008 à 12:00 par poeteromantique
...tears of my heart...
The time is flying
And my heart sleeping in their tears
Since the peace was diying
I can't find my self,i lost my way

I know,the sun won't to light my days
And the moon don't be always here in my dark nights
I can't live with you,with your pains
like this i live without any reason,without know why

If i can,i will to rub out my existence
But i must to live,i should be brave
If i can,i will leave behind this darkness
But i must to find my way alone in the dark

So,i let down all this sadness
And, i try to realise my dreams
I will find the way of happiness
I will never to despair again...

NB:voilà le plus joli poeme que j'ai ecris jusqu'à maintenant en anglais...comment vous le trouvez?...j'ai besoin de vos avis....

*RoMaNtIc GiRl*